Kentaur is a gathering place for horse lovers. In our horseback riding school we encourage development of work ethic in a natural manner. Both children and adults are welcome to enjoy our hospitality and learn to actively participate in teamwork. Children are enchanted by these noble creatures and parents soon notice them becoming engaged and responsible. They start looking forward to each visit. Horse riding is a great motivator, leading people to embrace honesty and patience as these are the only possible routes to trust and a good relationship with a horse. Adults are offered a unique opportunity to escape their daily routine and reconnect with nature.


We offer Little riding school (tandem rides with an instructor), Beginners lessons -riding on a lunge line (first-time riders) and independent arena riding (intermediate riders). We also offer horse handling and groundwork lessons for children and adults. Whether you are a beginner or a proficient rider, lesson intensity is calibrated to your skill level.More advanced riders are welcome to continue their education by taking first steps in dressage and jumping in our equestrian sports courses. Lessons are conducted in an 80×60 outdoor arena or in an indoor arena. (Riding arena is a sanded, fenced area specifically created and maintained for horse riding). Both riding spaces are floodlit so evening lessons are possible, even in winter.

We also offer part- and full horse leasing.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.