Arena jumping and dressage are both Olympic and FEI disciplines. Participating in either of those sports requires ownership or lease of a horse which has been trained in those sports. These disciplines require daily riding of at least one horse. Equestrian sports allow men and women to compete in the same classes.

Arena jumping is a newcomer in the equestrian sports. It was only developed in the late 18th century. Jumps are set up in a send arena and can be both upright and upright and wide. The aim of a class is to jump a parkour consisting of 10 to 13 jumps as fast as possible. Marks are deducted both for knocking a pole off a jump and for exceeding the allotted time for that particular parkour.

Dressage was first developed in the ancient Greece. The discipline evolved organically, as an answer to the demands of battles fought on horseback. The discipline develops harmony between the horse and the rider and makes the horse responsive to the fast-changing pace and direction of the battle. Modern dressage is used to enhance the connection between the rider and his mount through a set of “figures”. Dressage is practiced and competed in a sand arena 60x20m, fenced in with a low fence and marked by letters whish are used to pinpoint the exact flow of exercises. Walk, trot and canter and figures and changes in all three gaits are required for a dressage test.

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