We currently house eleven horses. You are invited to choose you partner for the day. Let us introduce them:

10 reasons for loving horses


Horses are creatures of beauty. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but horses inspired artists and poets through millenia. They are living works of art reminding us of our planet’s natural heritage, inspiring us to hold our lives to a higher standard.


Horses are like children. They cultivate immagination and enjoy life.


Riding is great excercise, burning calories and toning your muscles, whilst enjoying nature. Grooming and helping arond the stable add to the effect.

Social life

There are many social occasions centered on horses. Many lifelong firendships have been made in the stable and out on trails. Horses keep their owners connected to people. Horses offer a great common topic with other horse lovers. This connection transends cultural and social differences.

Mental health and relaxation

Horses are a natural antidepressant. Their presence can lower your bloodpressure and improve your mood. They not only offer pleasure but can be a great source of emotional support. Horses feel their person’s moods and often react in surprising ways to lift it.

Active, healthy lifestyle

Having a horse in your life is a great way to turn your lifestyle around. Horses depend on us and require us to be active and engaged.

Feeling of freedom and strenght

Horses relaese us from the limitations of our own bodies. There are many hippotherapy centres helping people with disabilities, even those with severely limited mobility. People with disabilities are carefully mounted on horseback, allowing their muscels to be gently stimulated by the magical horse movement. These impulses are translated into a feeling of freedom, strenght and safety – and big smiles.

Horses teach us about us.

Horses don’t see our social and economic position. They are not impressed by titles and money nor do they look down upon people who are less well-off. They see us as we are. There is no room for our ego in our relatioship with a horse. We have to earn their respect. We have to be honest with them and ourselves.

Horses and nature

Horses are the essence of nature. They do not produce artificial noise and don’t polute air. They don’t damage the ozone layer and don’t produce other polutants. Horses are a 100% natural and good for us.


People who have had experianced a friendship with a horse will undersand. Horses share and influence your life. Time and love spent on them is always returned. Love horses and they will love you back.