Equestrian club Kentaur is the only horseback riding club in Zemun. It was founded in 1991. We offer riding lessons and breed and train horses for equestrian sports (showjumping and dressage) and recreational riding. We also offer full livery services.

Our membership is open to children and adults of all ages. We have had several thousand members and hundreds of horses since our inception, all of whom have enriched our collective experience immensely.

We hold numerous national titles in children, junior and amazon categories. We have also participated and taken ribbons in international competitions.

We would like to emphasize that we have been members of FEI Serbia for many years.

Our club and our trainers are fully licenced.

Have I ever obtained as much from a man? Such total authority comprises, as does any other power, its risk of error for the possessor, but the pleasure of attempting the impossible in jumping an obstacle was too strong for me to regret a dislocated shoulder or a broken rib. My horse knew me not by the thousand approximate notions of title, function, and name which complicate human friendship, but solely by my just weight as a man. He shared my every impetus.

He knew perfectly, and better perhaps than I, the point where my strength faltered under my will…

Marguerite Yourcenar, “Memoirs of Hadrian”